About Discover Courage

Untitled-1Founded by a 26 year SEAL veteran and retired SEAL Team Command Master Chief, Discover Courage (DC) is a non-profit §501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides services tailored to the particular needs of Interagency and National Missions Force (IA/NMF) community members to foster personal growth, health and welfare, promote leadership, stress recalibration, facilitate reintegration, and to optimize professional and personal success.

DC understands that service in the close-knit IA/NMF community is larger than any individual. However, those outside of the community do not often understand the burden of confidentiality associated with service. A life characterized by unrelenting responsibility, patriotic commitment, constant training, frequent and prolonged deployments, inimical operational environments, and the nature of IA/NMF work may result in unique personal and professional challenges.

DC provides unique outdoor-focused programs for IA/NMF members to productively apply their hard-earned professional skills to new challenges designed to yield lifelong rewards, personal growth, and foster leadership development.

Parlaying the special skills of IA/NMF members – especially constant vigilance, situational awareness, patience, focus, detail orientation, physical training, routines, improvisation, and trust in team – into non-lethal, yet challenging outdoor pursuits characterizes the cornerstone of Discover Courage programs.

Discover Courage’s Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Executives serve voluntarily and without compensation. Over 90% of every donated dollar directly supports our programs for IA/NMF members.