Spring UKD Fundraising Courses complete!


“Discover Courage’s UKD course is unlike any other shooting class I’ve ever attended. The level of instruction coupled with personal coaching and plenty of range time will make you a far better shooter than you were when you arrived. I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned at Discover Courage’s UKD course and have applied them to all aspects of my shooting and the results have been tremendous. In addition, having coaches that are willing to meet you at YOUR skill level and help you improve from there is invaluable. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you want to tap into your full potential as a shooter I highly encourage you to contact the team at Discover Courage. The benefits to you as a shooter are many, and you’re helping support a worthwhile cause dedicated to the well-being of America’s soldiers and veterans. “

Brad Fitzpatrick, Outdoor Writer and Author

Fundraising for Discover Courage – a non-profit organization that steadfastly maintains the confidentiality of its program participants, doesn’t leverage their identity for marketing, doesn’t pay its Directors or Executives, and directs more than 90% of proceeds to program services – can be a challenge.

Eschewing marketing, advertising, and social media campaigns, Discover Courage instead relies on contributions from individuals like you, support from the outdoor and sporting industries, and one-of-a-kind fundraising activities like our Unknown Distance Shooting (UKD) program.
We recently completed back to back UKD programs with the generous support and participation of a few of our major outdoor industry partners: Scott Fly Rods, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Kimber America, Hornady, and Leupold and Stevens. For our Spring 2016 UKD programs, we would also like to acknowledge support from Tony at TAB Gear, Robert at Wiebad, and the fine folks at Creedmoor Sports.