Discover Courage programs involve week-long, detailed, professionally directed, interactive on-site “focus-oriented” outdoor activities to foster leadership development, personal growth, stress recalibration, and facilitate reintegration.    

“Confidential life, confidential environment”

DC’s programs were designed by career IA/NMF veterans, a physician, and outdoor professionals. DC understands that all members in the IA/NMF community are highly skilled, with particular value placed on self-confidence, patience, and problem solving skills. Accordingly, all aspects of DC’s programs capitalize on a multifaceted approach to build knowledge, skills and familiarity with available resources with scalable moderate physical demand, into a framework of a rewarding, professionally supported program.

Discover Courage’s flagship programs involve intensive, week-long, remote “off the grid” fly-fishing expeditions.  These programs include immersive and intensive instruction on fly-tying, fly-casting, wading skills, “reading water”, entomology, fishing knots, how to hook and fight fish, understanding trout and steelhead behavior, and white-water drift boat and river safety.  All expenses for program participants are covered by Discover Courage.  A minimum staff to participant ratio of 2:3 is maintained. DC programs are designed as intensive learning and personal growth experiences for Special Operations members in the company of peers and professional outdoor instructors and staff.


Participation is through invitation only. Referrals for participation are made through existing command structures within the IA/NMF community, and through prior participants, and our Board of Advisors.


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